Behavioral Optometrist

Behavioral Optometry

What is Behavioral Optometry?

Dr. Juanita Collier

A Behavioral Optometrist (or Development Optometrist) specializes in behavioral optometry which is a specialty in the field of optometry that is concerned with how your eyes and visual system function and is interested in how your behavior affects vision or how your vision influences your behavior.

As a Behavioral Optometrist, Dr. Collier understands that your vision is a result of how you use your eyes and that your visual skills can be enhanced with vision therapy, including exercise and training. She can provide a program of training to improve your overall visual skills.

Of course, Dr. Collier can prescribe corrective lenses, but she will also ask questions about your visual difficulties at work, school and home, and she will explore how vision therapy and/or eye glasses may help improve your comfort and performance, while preventing future vision issues.