It Could Be Your Eyes Podcast

Are you a parent who has been searching for answers to why your child is struggling academically? Have you been told that your child needs strabismus surgery or patching, and it just doesn’t feel right to you? Are you trying to set your kiddo with sensory needs up for success and feeling lost in the process? Have you suffered a brain injury or concussion and refuse to accept that these current limitations are your permanent “new normal”? My name is Dr. Juanita Collier and I am a Behavioral Optometrist with a private practice specializing in Vision Therapy, Rehabilitation, and Development. Through diving deep with my team, parents, patients, and professionals, we will uncover that vision may be the underlying cause of real-life challenges in academics, work, sports, and daily life. While we often think 20/20 eyesight is perfect vision, vision actually takes place in the brain. And if there is any disconnect, any slight lack of coordination between the brain and the eyes, how you see what’s in front of you can be remarkably different than what’s actually there. Through this podcast, you will discover, that the challenges that you are facing may actually be stemming from a difficulty with how you’re seeing…It Could Be Your Eyes